Clening Ear Cone

Clening Ear Cone is a cone-shaped object made from beeswax, paraffin and raw cotton, soaked in essential oils and herbal medicines, is set on fire at the larger end so that the smaller part warms certain points of the human body – like the ears.

This warming of the cone, and of the area of the body in which it is disposed, would bring some health benefits according to who practices the technique. Besides the ear, the Hindu cone can be placed on different points of the body, which would favor a cleaning of the energetic channels, allowing a better flow of energy.

The easiest benefits to identify are those related to the ear or respiratory tract. Those who suffer from sinusitis secretions, respiratory allergies, muscle and joint pains, as well as excessive earwax, would have the symptoms of these conditions alleviated by the practice.

The main indications of the Clening Ear cone, are: respiratory allergies, such as rhinitis, sinusitis; alignment and harmonization of the chakras; stress reduction, anxiety, nervousness, headaches and migraines; flu and cold states; excess earwax, moisture, discomfort in the ears, nose and throat; tinnitus, labyrinthitis, vertigo and insomnia.

30/45min – 20€