Facial Shiatsu

Facial Shiatsu is a massage technique that stimulates points of meridians and energy channels of the face. The method helps to treat health disorders and also favors aesthetics.

There is a diversity of points that are located on our face and that are extremely directly related to our face. An example of this is the region of the lower eyelid that is related to the kidneys. Unwanted dark circles, it can be symptoms of a kidney with complications.

Facial Shiatsu is always a guaranteed way to bring vitality to the body and the skin of the face, and of course the benefits are numerous. Massage done on the head, face and shoulders. Normally does not use oil

  • Ensures muscle tone of the face;
  • Treat headaches, migraines and irritability;
  • Fights insomnia, anxiety, depression and panic syndrome;
  • Assists in the treatment of TMJ (temporomandibular joint);
  • Contributes to the treatment of bruxism;
  • Relieves symptoms caused by PMS, such as body aches, mood swings and sensitivity;
  • Prevents and helps to treat wrinkles and expression marks on the face;

30min – 20€