Massage Hamsa Exclusive

A complete massage that enhances physical and emotional balance. It is a real awakening of the senses.

This massage was created with you in mind, it is an exclusive Hamsa massage. You will not find anywhere a combination massage, Ayurveda massage techniques, Thai stretching and the relaxation of our aromas.

It’s not just ayurveda, it’s not just aromatherapy and it’s not just stretching, it’s a combination of the best that these techniques have to offer. Let yourself go with a massage that will provide you with a state of deep balance. This massage is for the entire body, ending in the face and head for an effect of deep relaxation.

  • Relaxation and restoration of energy levels
  • Treatment of headaches / migraines and insomnia
  • Helps fight stress and anxiety
  • Softens the effect of premenstrual tension