Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique whose applied movements are constant, rhythmic and precise, with light pressure, capable of stimulating the lymphatic system, accelerating the process of transporting the lymph to the lymph nodes.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage does not lose weight because it does not eliminate fat but helps to decrease the volume, since it eliminates the fluids that cause body swelling. This massage should always be performed towards the lymph nodes by applying only a little pressure with your hands on the skin, as the excess pressure can inhibit the lymphatic circulation, compromising the results.

In our Drainage we use in some cases the electrostimulation that helps and reaffirm, tone or eliminate the toxins so that your treatment is more complete and with visible results quickly.

  • It promotes the general detoxification of the organism;
  • Relieves tiredness and pain;
  • It has advantages in the treatment of varicose veins and edema;
  • Activates lymphatic circulation;
  • Advised for post-operative;
  • Tones and reaffirms the skin;
  • Shapes the body;