Sport Massage

Sports massage can be done on training days or on alternate days. After competition it serves to relax the musculature that was overloaded due to the competitions.

If you have ever felt pain after a workout, a race, a competition, know that sports massage is the most suitable technique for your preparation and pain relief, as it improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate toxins in the muscles.

This massage acts on the athlete’s pain, but it is indicated not only when you have an injury, mainly to prevent injuries.

  • Prepares the muscles for exercise
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Eliminates toxins from the muscles
  • Prevents muscle and tendon injuries
  • Tones muscle tissue
  • Stimulates adrenaline production
  • Relieves post-workout pain

This massage can have the duration of 30min / 45min / 60min, depending on the location to be treated. In this massage we use the necessary techniques to obtain results.

60min – 30€