Disc degeneration – similarly to what happens in our body, intervertebral discs also age, losing hydration, consistency and height;

Protusion – Disc protrusion is a distension (rupture) of the fibrous ring that surrounds the intervertebral discs;

Herniated disc – is characterized by a bulging of the intervertebral disc, which can cause pain, a burning sensation or numbness;

Thickening reduction – between the vertebrae there are openings, through which the nerves’ roots pass, called foramina. The reduction of these spaces is one of the causes of pain in the spine;

Disc degeneration with formation of osteophytes – disc degeneration can be accompanied by the formation of the popularly known “beak-beak”. It is nothing more than hook-shaped bone expansions that appear through the spine.

In a situation of spinal pain, there are therapies and massages for the relief of symptoms that will allow, depending on each case, some quality of life. In any case, you do not need to consult your doctor.

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