The birth chart refers to a graphical representation drawn from the date of your birth. The map shows exactly where the stars were at the exact moment you were born.

Used as an important tool for guidance and self-knowledge, the birth chart is prepared based on the day, month, year, place and time of birth. At the moment of a child’s birth, the stars have an important influence on him. That’s why we see that people born under the same sign have such similar characteristics.

The picture shown on the birth chart shows the correct position of the stars and zodiac signs in relation to the Earth at the time you came into the world. The position of the stars at the moment we are born influences our personality traits, affinities, abilities, tendencies, fears, in short, strong and influential characteristics of our way of being.

In making the maps we will need NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, PLACE AND TIME. Maps can be made in person or just in writing as a gift.

120min – 35€