Astrology is an ancient science that helps humanity better understand its trends and characteristics. It is through it that we can analyze the influence of the stars on the Earth and, consequently, on the human being.

Astrology goes beyond the 12 signs of the zodiac. This science addresses the power of the Planets, the houses, the positioning of the stars over people’s lives. It is much more than just its characteristics of the sun sign, that despite being the best known and even extremely important for our personality, it is not the only one that has an effect on our life.

The Astral Map translates, for those who know how to interpret it, the most accurate portrait of each person. It reveals traits and characteristics, gifts and defects, aptitudes and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses. The Astral Chart represents the portrait of Heaven at the moment each person was born, pointing out on the trail of stars that perspectives may have their future. But the astrological analysis goes further, as it also reveals the baggage that arrived with us at the time of our birth on Earth.

When it comes to Karmic Astrology, many people who have read or heard about it immediately think of the Lunar Nodes, the so-called Dragon’s Head and Tail, which correspond to the North Node of the Moon – where we are going – and the South Node of the Moon – Where we came from. However, the entire Astral Chart can be analyzed in the light of Karmic Astrology, if we consider that, when we choose to incarnate at a given moment, with certain characteristics, we bring with us the sum of all our past actions, the lessons we have learned, the gifts we we have acquired and the issues we have to overcome. It is also believed that the soul chooses to incarnate at the exact moment when the stars are aligned in such a way as to give it, at birth, the personality it needs to better fulfill its Karma.

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