Radionic Karmic Table

Through Mesa Radionica and the use of sacred geometry as well as specific codes, we can diagnose and correct situations in your life.

This table in particular allows the release of negative energies, past life hurts, heartbreak, anger, thus bringing the ability to heal.

The purpose of the table is:

  • Harmonize (people, home, animals, businesses, cars)
  • Unlock areas of life like work, finance, health.
  • Open paths like finding new work, selling property.
  • Enhances relationships, business.
  • Forward disembodied beings.
  • It releases energies such as hurt, envy and magic.
  • You can also make leaps to past lives or in this life so that you can unlock situations that have already occurred.

Each session of this therapy lasts about 1h30.

This session must be booked via telephone to check availability of the therapist.

90min – 35€