The Tibetan Cup is originally from Tibet and is also used in Nepal, India and other Eastern countries with Tibetan traditions. Massage with Tibetan bowls is known for its spiritual and therapeutic potential.

As the name implies, the massage with Tibetan bowls is a massage with a set of 14 or less bowls, where these are touched manually. The bowls are made of an alloy of different metals, in which 5 tones can be vibrated simultaneously, maintaining the vibration for several minutes. It is a unique musical instrument for therapeutic purposes.

Tibetan bowls or bowls of sound originating in the BonPo (pre-Buddhist) shamanic culture of the Himalayas, which started in the Bronze Age. They are made by hand and can be made with various noble metals such as gold, silver, copper, mercury, iron, tin and lead, etc.

The vibrations emitted by Tibetan sound bowls have been used for centuries for the purpose of healing, meditation and purification sessions. The sounds emitted by the bowls purify the environment, providing harmony and awakening the healing power of the body.

  • Quickly achieve deep relaxation.
  • Release problems, worries.
  • Release emotional and physical blocks.
  • It is a gentle massage that harmonizes all the cells of the body.
  • Creates flow of energy.
  • It influences self-esteem and creative power.
  • It strengthens the forces of self-healing and brings joy to life.
  • It unites harmony between body, spirit and soul.

60min – 30€